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     As domestic cleaning services go, the one provided to me by Belvedere Carpet Cleaner the other week was pretty perfect.
Ray M19/05/2020
      Carpet Cleaning Services Belvedere has the best cleaning service. They are inexpensive, fast, and efficient. They will be covering all of my cleaning needs from now on.
Mallory T.19/09/2019
     I was fighting hard water stains in my bathroom and I was losing the battle. So, I felt it was time to bring in the experts - Belvedere Carpet Cleaning. They made light work of removing all the ugly yellow stains and fully sanitising my bathroom. I cannot thank you enough!
Leanne Olson31/05/2016
     I have very expensive sofas and so it is important that I take proper care of them. To ensure the best maintenance I regularly hire Carpet Cleaning Services Belvedere. I have them wash and wipe them on a recurrent basis so that the sofas will remain clean. This ensures the chairs always look their best and will not become stained or damaged. The skills of their cleaners give me the best result for my sofas every time and you could get this too.
Martin Durand 31/07/2015
     BelvedereCarpetCleaners have saved me hours of boring cleaning with their services! Cleaning is a job that I don't just hate, but one that I can never find the energy for. I'm getting the best of both worlds now because my home is amazingly clean without me having to work! I've had loads of compliments on my house and I love how friendly my cleaners are. What a fantastic service - I can't recommend them enough!
Becky Adams29/01/2015
     BelvedereCarpetCleaners lives up to its ethos of customer satisfaction! We've been loyal customers for some time now and on one rare occasion they offered us a free upholstery clean during their next visit! We couldn't very well say no to that! True to their promise, the cleaners arrived a week later, armed with their furniture and carpet cleaners. Now my furniture looks like new and I'm so proud to show off my home to guests and friends!
Sharon R.15/01/2015
     We were trying to sell our property, but someone had graffiti-ed all over the exterior wall, thus decreasing our market value. Worried, we called up BelvedereCarpetCleaners who were totally unfazed by the situation. When it's so difficult to find a company you can trust, especially in this day and age, we were very impressed with the work that this company did for us. The service level was outstanding, and the wall looks totally new. Amazing work!
G. Steward04/09/2014

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